a few times in elementary school we were asked to take a shoe box and make a diorama out of it – it was the best. i got to create my own world, in a box. this is kind of like that only you have to take care of a real life plant – which proves to be kind of difficult, especially when you can’t even take care of yourself. i just paid my car registration, which was due in january. in the meantime i decided to take this on…

a couple of weeks ago i visited the alameda point antiques faire (must) and embarked on a hunt for glass jars and figurines. i needed something growing in my health and family bagua (fung shui is one of my new found loves). i gave an astronaut a home, a farmer a new job, and an egyptian (mummy?) a cactus/succulent to reign over.

i ran to home depot and grabbed a couple succulents, a fern, green moss, and some soil and dispersed them into their respective jars. i gave them some water and put them in a place where they will get a few hours of filtered sunlight/day – weee!

peace and blessins.


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