smuggler’s cove

my friends and i are devoted to trying new places wherever we are, especially in sf where each district is distinctly different than the other (check out this site, the graphics are zupa fun and the descriptions are totesgreatfabswhatevsman).

recently, i was lucky enough to visit one of my new favorite bars in sf – smuggler’s cove. with three tiny tiers and a capacity of just 50, the trap door would be hard to find without its lingering line outside. to those waiting in sf’s brisk night air, its faux tropical/wrecked-pirate-ship atmosphere is more than welcoming. the bar is home to over 170 rums with classic libations of prohibition-era havana and exotic cocktails from the tiki bars of the caribbean islands. best of all, the people were great!

while we tried a few drinks from their menu, the hot buttered rum was my favorite. it first appeared in the 1862 Jerry Thomas Bar-Tender’s Guide and is made with a private reserve rum and house made batter. like warm caramel drank – maybe jk rowling had too much butter beer?




  1. I love this place!! I must admit I have only experienced the scorpion bowl so I will have to get my harry potter on and try the hot buttered rum! sounds delicious 🙂

    1. MUST! i would like to go back on a weeknight – less people?

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