gracias madre

newest from the cafe gratitude family – gracias madre provides organic, vegan mexican cuisine to the people of the mish. i have to say, coming into this i was a bit skeptical. what would they give me? 5 plates of chips and guac with a side of beans? i was wrong. in fact, i left thinking about how genius the usage of their ingredients was. the cashew “cheese” that they use is almost better than cheese, is that sacrilegious?

our meal:

–  house made ginger ale (this was incredibly strong but worth the try)

–  sweet potato and caramelized onion quesadilla folded into tortillas with cashew nacho cheese and pumpkin seed salsa (hooooly crap – best thing in the meal)

–  gorditas or grilled potato-masa cakes topped with warm salsa verde, avocado, and cashew cream (tasted like a fried potato pancake with everything good on top, but it wasn’t fried)

–  chilaquiles sauteed in a spicy salsa roja.  topped with avocado, cilantro, cashew crema and onions, served with black beans (aka nachos)

–  one taco with sauteed kale and one taco with roasted poblano chilies and onions (the kale was weird but great, my sister loved the chilies)

–  spicy mole enchiladas topped with mushrooms and cashew cheese, served with sauteed greens and beans (this a little bit looked like poop, which made it hard to eat – i’ll leave it at that)

on a scale of one to ten, i would absolutely go back, even hungover.




  1. Um I LOVE this place, especially the sweet potato quesadilla with pumpkin seed salsa. your photos are incredible, as well!

    1. thank you! that egg burrito and salad you posted this morning should be on my table any minute now. i ordered it 1 hour ago.

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