have a good weekend you filthy animals

a whole lot of text isn’t always the most fun. pictures are cool. i think that’s why i like recipes so much – they’re all broken up into keywords and single lines (ie. 1 tblspn ear wax, stir, mix…etc.) i’ll give you some bullet points to help:

  • follow me on twitter. it will be fun, i promise.
  • if you can’t stand white space, facebook has a little more blue in it. check out my page.
  • JUST want to see pictures? instagram: delightfulcrab
  • lastly, pinterest – where shopping becomes reality. here i am – rock *me like a hurricane.

on a pinteresting note, these are some of my favorite chefs to follow. had to share:

hanyways. this is me. in my kickball getup. you’ve already met the love of my life, toshi. thank you all for staying interested and encouraging more! it has been so much fun journaling some of the stuff that i do living here in sf as well as sharing the pictures that i take with you. i think i’ve had enough though. xoxo gg.





  1. lizzyunger · · Reply

    so glad i captured that gem of a picture at kickball 🙂 love the blog. keep it up, wend!

  2. Alannah · · Reply

    lizzy, you lie, i took that photo. wend, as always, great stuff.

  3. Aloha Wendy. I just started a new blog called: Best Blog Recipes and would like to feature one of your favorite recipes, it’s pictures, a little about you, and a link to your blog. Please, let me know if you are interested. carripattison@hotmail.com. P.S. I saw your comment on Pinch My Salt and followed the link to your blog.

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