10 things for tuesday the 10th

as much as i don’t want to make this blog about things – i figure once a blue moon is okay. i love knick knacks. i was also severely inspired by unique sf, a craft fair event in the city, which has me hiding my credit card from myself and signing up for things like letterpress classes. instead of buying, i will just share here – that way, even though i won’t look cool, you’ll know i am. the event is held in a terribly large warehouse full of what seemed like hundreds of local artists and vendors. if you missed it, have no fear, renegade craft fair is here. here’s what i saw at unique:

wooden tie designers,

card makers (i.love.books. especially old ones.),

local lotions and hand jobs,

artists who know how to speak slang,

and food pop-ups. did i mention there was free cocktails?

aand here’s what you’ve all been waiting for. ME TO USE CAPS!


a fantastic ritz cracker necklace titled: the ritz.

semi-cheap, stackable rings.

local wall art for my “relationship bagua.”

a telescope necklace, good for those who are near-sighted.

yellow, chevron, water-proof picnic blanket.

reads: the world is a scary place but i have armbands. must. but, i think she means waterwings.

golden snitch necklace – because, who doesn’t want this? tell me now.

an amazingly tent-like backpack to take with me when i run away.

a vintage alarm clock for my space.

and, lastly, mini-harmonica necklace. to bug the crap out of your friends everywhere you go. and because: an extra necklace never hurt anyone.

thanks for bearing with me through all the pics. feel dizzy – you KNOW?



  1. Louise Coulter · · Reply

    love it. How could you not buy anything. The ritz cracker necklace was great.

  2. You make me smile Wends. That all I can say.

  3. Just bought these stackable rings-two silver and one gold however. Had been thinking of them since you posted and after adding up the receipts from my MI and NY trips, I decided what the heck! Thanks for the tip and keep the great recipes and ideas coming!

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