green goji

earlier this week i went to the market to buy a bag of goji berries. i was planning on making this great hippie granola for a backpacking trek i had this weekend. the man checking me out stopped me and asked what i was going to use them for. “have you ever added them into your green tea?” he asked. no. but i will now. granola story to be continued..

goji berries are considered a superfruit; full of antioxidants, vitamin a, and anti-aging benefits. i buy them dehydrated – they taste like what i would imagine a health-food-store sweet tart would taste like. when you throw a handful into a cup of green tea they rehydrate and give your tea a nice, sweet taste BOOMING with nutrients.

well done chris from the market, well done.



  1. For whatever reason, this tastes like Captain Crunch cereal, in a good way 🙂

    1. hilarious and so true!

  2. […] my daughter posted in her blog, delightfulcrab, you can give green tea a little added kick, not to mention antioxidents, by adding some gogi […]

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