tourists and mangoes

so are you guys still interested or what? i feel like… how are you still reading this? i write a post about how people hate to read, yet, i bombard you with an endless supply of posts more than 3 sentences and a recipe long.

for example…

i work from home almost every day. my desk faces the street to where i get the glorious view of the backside of peet’s coffee. every day this guy in a suit stands by the back door (every single day), smoking cigarettes, and talking to the passerby – for hours on end. someone just attempted at parallel parking in front of him and he helped so much that they just pulled out and drove away. poor guy.

as i sit here on gchat i narrate this to a few imaginative friends of mine, this is what they thought his story was:

he is a young entrepreneur hoping to get picked up off the street as he has an amazing idea for an iphone app. none of the big wigs will listen to him after he left his job at a software development company to start his ‘big idea’. some stay, some listen, but some just drive away from a previously difficult parking spot to avoid his ramblings (he’s older so this got thrown out the window).

he is an older, retired man who can’t break his prior professional routine (could be, but why stand at the butt of peet’s?).

he used to be a salesman and now feels empty inside when he can’t speak to others. he now drives his marred spirit to peet’s rear end where he sips on a machiatto and speaks to those willing to give him the time.

good times. got any better ideas? maybe we can write a book together about him so he can become famous and produce his iphone app. i’ll just go up to him one day and be like, i made this for you. kind of like the homeless guy who sleeps in our car-port and left us a note saying that he was almost done with the time machine invention he was creating for us.

anyways, thanks for sticking through that with me. those of you who are still here will receive royalties from the book. moving on…

this past weekend i had the pleasure of going to the tourist club for the first time. the sf club is a large house in muir woods equipped with a deck, games, and beer. there is no vehicle access and instead, you must hike in and enjoy the nature around it like members-alike. the club started in vienna in 1895 to provide members and families with places to go, share, and enjoy nature. the von trapps could have really used one of these. the hills were alive.

the walk in.

it was really great. there are multiple hikes you can use to get in, for all sizes.

once you get there you sit amongst fellow travelers on the deck floor with food and drank – the view’s not too shabby either.

friends of ours had stopped by the ferry building before their hike and brought in cowgirl creamery cheeses, acme artisan breads, prosciutto/salami/coppa  from the golden gate meat company, and some homemade mango salsa. one of the group’s members (the one with the chips for the salsa) lagged behind so we slapped some salsa on our meat and cheese sandwiches – it was ridiculously good looking and tasting. sandwiches for ants, if you will.

predictably, i went home and made the damn stuff.

how to cut a mango:

cut the sides off. the pit is large and the best way to cut a mango is to cut the sides off and leave a rectangle in the middle. cut the inside of the sides into a grid.

pop it out and open and run a knife along the inside of the skin to slice the fruit out.

mango salsa/salad/topping

1 1/2 large mangoes, chopped

1 peach, chopped

1/2 large jalapeno, finely chopped

1/2 red onion, chopped

juices from 1 lime

handful of cilantro, chopped

1. combine all ingredients. tough, right?

*big fat thank you to denise and adrianna for the inspiration. and eric for his stories.


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  1. Keep em coming Wendy!

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