10 things for the 10th

it’s the 10th again! i’ll be boogie woogie doogying at outside lands all weekend – will you? if you’re looking for some funk check out dirty dozen brass band.

here’s some stuff that i love:

papercookie’s woven tea towels my kitchen is lacking in the neon.

canoe and oars necklace from small adventure why not?

a way-rite kitchen scale for when i get those nasty recipes that give me amounts in weights.

shoutout to the mommer and flora grubb on this one. very cool.

these are super sick. is that weird? the blue. fabulous tenleys.

this bag. where is the closest jcrew? more neon… have we cycled back to the 80s? is that what’s happening?

are you familiar with spirit hoodies? this is a better, more customizable knock-off (half the price): wompa-wear. i have the coyote and she’s super slick. you can choose the fabric pattern on the inside and i added a pocked inside the hood. plus, he has a really funny face – he’s having so much fun in his hoodie.

a bar cart! at 25, is it too early for a bar cart? my thoughts: there is absolutely no space in my house for something this cool, i may be too young meaning – we would clean this sucker out every weekend, i do not have the money for this, i love it.

would love an excuse to do something like this. (hints…)

hilariously perfect. what a gem this is.

geniesst! figure it out (this website is the sh*t).


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