central kitchen

i visited central kitchen last week and it was divine. i left a little hungry though, which isn’t the best when you opt into the chef’s tasting menu with the beverage pairings. the experience was creative and exciting as each course was unlike any i’d had – this is when i really know i like a restaurant, when they put together ingredients that i’ve never had together before.

*excuse my cracked iphone pictures

local and sustainable, central kitchen sits behind some of the greatest of the 20th street corridor.

it occupies the backside of salumeria, which you can see through the windows of central kitchen’s heated and covered patio. it is also within a few blocks of flour + water and trick dog. check out this blog, i think it’s pretty cool.

our first course was a glass of champagne and homemade boysenberry soda – thick, sweet, lots of fizz.

house-made bread and butter.

melon with pine nuts, honey, and lardo.

a warm broth-y drink with olive oil and a salted rim.

halibut, tomato vinaigrette, agretti, sesame. cold, sweet, tangy, and jelly-like? wish i could recreate these flavors at home.

caper, pepper, and nepitella with an eggplant broth poured over it at the table.

salmon, summer beans, prosciutto, gremolata.

there was a rabbit dish after this that was decorated like a field of greens a rabbit would love to frolic on – i didn’t eat it.

strawberry sorbet, tarragon, and poppy-seed. the crunchies underneath mixed with the citrus-y foam and sorbet were an incredible palate cleanser. like my wording? super culinary, huh?

vanilla panna cotta, peach, and moscato. the shiny gelatin is peach flavored as well – oh my.

finished off with a pretty espresso.

that’s all for today folks.


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