how to be sick

i know i’ve said it. and you heard me. but i haven’t had the flu like i did last week for probably 10 years. a long time (just in case you didn’t know that 10 years was a long time).

my survival guide included a few things:

1. when i felt it coming on i immediately headed to whole foods and bought a butt-load of fresh, organic veggies (otherwise i would be ordering chinese food for 5 days). it was miserable but man am i glad i did it. i also bought some of their frozen, house-made soups – so clutch. below is actually trader joe’s frozen wonton soup (another favorite, even on a regular day) – i added cabbage and some cayenne to get my juices flowing 😉

2. sleep with the toshinator.

3. criminal minds. marathons.

4. water. tea. kombucha. my detox drink (at least once/day).

5. friends who send/bring you food – this naturebox was so amazingly clutch (thank you, again, to naomi). it came to my door via mailman with dried fancy figs, dried mango, a curry flavored nut mix, rice crackers, and maui onion flavored almonds. great, different snacks for each month. though i do have to say that surprises can be confusing when you have the flu. i full on called naturebox and told them that unfortunately i did not remember ordering the box and had to cancel because i couldn’t afford it, before she informed me that the shipping address was different from the billing. yikes.

6. vegetarian feasts. i did not get a picture of the feasts i made. but the one i made on the fourth day was very large as i had just gotten an appetite back. here’s what it included:

  • shaved (or thinly sliced) summer squash that i simply boiled with whole-wheat pasta – super easy. just strain, top with this totally tangy and delicious mustard-cashew sauce for protein, and chow. that sauce was so good i hate it with a spoon the day after. note: i did not have nutritional yeast and replaced it with 2 tablespoons miso paste.
  • everything-but-the-kitchen-sink salad: mixed greens, cabbage, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, avocado, heirloom tomato, red onion, blue cheese, carrots, croutons, and shaved beets. legen…
  • brussel sprouts and thinly sliced watermelon radishes tossed in olive oil, salt, and pepper (cook at 425°f and cook for 20 minutes) …dary.



  1. being sick is no fun at all!! thanks for posting this survival guide, I’ll make sure to bookmark the next time the flu decides to knock on my door :-/

    1. thanks, i hope you don’t need it tati!

  2. booo…the flu is horrible, but at least you had good food, good company and good tv 🙂

    i love WF soups. and kombucha. hope youre on the mend!

    1. thank you elise! looks like you are on a soup and kombucha diet as well these days 🙂 congrats, again.

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