outside lands and funky food

so, i owe you a few posts. over a week ago i went to outside lands festival in san francisco. it was an incredible playland for adults all-inclusive of beer gardens, a comedian tent, multiple stages, a foodies dream, and ridiculous costumes. it was also freezing – i was sick for a week after. here i am, coming at you with two posts today..

of monsters and men. they were the ultimate highlight of the festival, musically. i actually got to see them at the california academy of sciences nightlife the night before as well – only that night we had to bum rush the gates to get in. if you haven’t been on a thursday night – go. its awesome. they have a ginormous albino croc that is more than scary, drinks, a rainforest, an aquarium, and great music to boot.

miss whitey the croc

chiquita banana – our post. can’t find us? look for chiquita banana in the crowd. credit goes to a great friend who obviously thrives whilst bejeweling.

a ridiculous shirt i had to document. #daddysmoist

outside lands, home to some of the most creative people. #notsunscreen

4505 meats fried chicken sando. everyone loves sandwiches.

straw’s sweet potato taters with boysenberry bbq sauce and strawberry basil lemonade. tadaa. straw is at the top of my list, serving carnival style comfort food.

michael mina’s lamb sausage sandwich from the whole beast. so bizarre yet perfectly warm and sweet for the festival. they were also serving a lamb gyro which looked just as good. i ate the entire time.

i do not remember where this is from but i know that when i saw it i had to buy it. and i got the last one. a hard, buttery shortbread with salted caramel on top. must be recreated in my kitchen. unreal.

big gigantic’s crowd. another highlight – a duo that play some mean sax and drums. the saxist djs at the SAME TIME and throws in some dirty beats. they are coming to sf. get. tickets. now.

choco-lands. dusty, chocolate filled lands. a warm refuge at night.

create gif


our hot chocolate. they took a buck off for not having marshmallows.

goodbye outside lands.

toshi having a grand old time with his grandparents.



  1. alannah banana · · Reply

    Let’s go back! So fun.

    1. so fun. i wish it were every weekend.

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