what a job

i’m not just a blogger, not yet a woman (thanks britney). in fact, a have an entirely different life during the day, which keeps me from staying at home in my kitchen and eating scrumptious treats (currently eating homemade kettle corn).

i got this gig about a year ago and though it does have downsides (like taking 6+ months to finish a project), i feel obligated to share with you the great part. it’s that cool. i sell office furniture in san francisco. my focus is on the city’s ever abundant start-up tech firms. i get to go out and have drinks with my clients, help walk them through designing their new spaces, and see all of the finished products.

i’ve walked through facebook. frickin so high tech. the conference rooms had tablets mounted on their outside walls and allowed for scheduling. they also had a large screen at the front of the office with an office map, including the locations of their employees at all times – this solidified my notion that facebook was a creep (yes, singular). jars of snacks and candies. nooks for napping and lounging. and an individual break room where one person could shut the door, post up their laptop, and work whilst running or walking. they are currently in the process of building out an entire campus the size of sunvalley mall.

google-land is so brightly colored, it could be the inside of skittle’s rainbow. employees ride from building to building on mini-google-bikes and pay for food as if they are living in the dorms. their doors are high and weirdly shaped. it’s a wonderland.

neither of those are my projects, unfortunately. but the following are:

pac12 is a brand new network that launched last week. the network focuses on the pac12 schools and their athletes, all of them. they say that if pac12 were in the olympics, they would have won 3rd in medals. their facilities are off the heeziesss… if i do say so, myself.

if you are on comcast in the bay, check out channel 823.

conference room – see the basketball court?

sound room.

rows and rows of data and cooling systems. we installed floors that were 2 feet higher than the original floors, to allow wires and a/c to pass below. you can lift up the tiles to access at any time.

dressing rooms for the talent. lights off, lights on.


the news.

representing sf.

i just finished a project with craigslist as well. their lights and use of reclaimed wood made the space.

antique light bulbs. verticle bike racks hung below.

i cant go without mentioning my very first project with achievers.

their desks are completely white and complimented with this awesome carpeting, in their colors.

seating is the most fun. here are some examples, holler at a player.

if i knew a shrink that included this chair, i would go.

the nub. comes with a swivel feature as well.

the swopper. holds up to 290 pounds and has adjustable height. acts like a medicine ball but puts you in better position to sit upright for longer periods of time.



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  1. since i grew up a cal fan…and am now a ucla alum…im a huge pac10 (ok ok pac12) fan. its very coll that they now have a network! (sadly i dont have cable so ill never see it unless im visiting my parents in the bay)

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