chili and the gorge

a few years ago i joined in on a tradition. each summer we travel to the east side of big sur, arroyo secco, to hike ‘the gorge.’ we camp out in california’s central valley and spend a day trekking about 6 miles down a small river.

the hike includes obnoxiously gorgeous views, swimming, dog paddling, rock climbing, rock jumping, algae-surfing, beer, pb&js, caves, waterfalls, and ravines. take a gander.

the crew (before our hike). check the sorority pose on darren.

looking a bit dysfunctional.

swimming through a dark, deep ravine.

happy (but struggling).

doin it.

the high jump.

resting in the shallow water.


the waterfall, small this year. means the end of the trek.

done. dry.

the chili that chef grace made at home and brought in a large pot. so good. grace, i am waiting for your blog.. a large amount of food was necessary after the day. same with the 21st amendment.

thought i’d also share with you my absolute favorite chili recipe. it’s a recipe that has become a staple, especially in the fall. rachael ray’s chipotle turkey chili. i discovered the recipe in high school when darren was working at oakwood, the athletic club where we grew up. they made chili in the cafe and used this exact recipe – without the corn bread. it is the reason why i keep chipotle peppers separated in sandwich bags in my freezer. just in case.


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