corners tavern and peppers

corners tavern, walnut creek’s new (only?) great restaurant – i guess va de vi is just as bomb. and i can’t leave out tomatina. i may be wrong on this one but this restaurant is 100% san franciscan and sitting in the biggest city of the east bay burbs. it is a collaboration between 5 industry veterans. veterans who developed a few sf staples: salt house, anchor & hope, and town hall. each of these restaurants, including corners tavern, are contemporary american/californian with bold, insane flavors and open, artsy interiors. a stellar replacement for bing crosby’s.

we ate the pretzels too fast for me to get a picture.

one of the investors wife’s does the murals for their restaurants. kind of creepy but super cool. if you haven’t seen the interior of anchor & hope in sf, check it out.

first thing you see when you walk in. cubbies full of miniature scenes. these were a few of my favorites.

fried shishito peppers. watermelon salad with melon, feta, mint, and jalapeno – i ate this before anyone could get to it.

buttery shrimp. we licked this clean with our bread.

golden zucchini soup with grilled apricot and opal basil.

beer selection was fun. delirium, drake’s, and bear republic.

on sunday i found padron peppers at the farmers market which, made me think of corners tavern and how many shishito peppers i ate that night. shishito and padron peppers are essentially the same thing. padron can be longer and have a more ribbed look. they also tend to vary in heat. some are hot, some are not. whereas shishito are invariably mild.

i threw some sesame oil into a cast iron skillet and fried those suckers.

then i sprinkled a mixture of sea salt, chili pepper, chopped mint, and sugar over them.

after that, i ate them. turns out, i love padron peppers, especially a little sweet and spicy. this recipe is crazy easy and even more delicious. definitely a staple.


One comment

  1. this. all. looks. AMAZING!!!! glad to hear WC has at least one or two good spots to eat (when compared to SF)

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