farm sanctuary

my mom, sister, and i have been volunteering to provide for and protect animals since i can remember. as we grow up there is no exception. in october we are walking to protect farm animals with farm sanctuary. farm sanctuary is an organization that supports farm animals’ rights:

“the classification ‘farm animals’ includes some of the most intelligent and complex creatures on earth. studies have shown that pig intelligence is actually more advanced than that of dogs. chickens use a multitude of sounds to communicate with each other and experience deep empathy for their fellow birds. cows are fiercely loyal, developing life-long friendships with their herd mates and mourning the deaths of those they lose… the animals who come to [farm] sanctuaries have been rescued from factory farms, stockyards, natural disasters, and abuse and neglect cases.

most people don’t realize that there are no federal laws protecting farm animals from cruelty while they are housed on a farm or during transport to slaughter. the cruelty inflicted by factory farms on these helpless animals is unconscionably brutal and would be considered a felony if cats or dogs were the victims.”

i am walking for the cause in san francisco and working to raise at least $100 – please, check out my donations page and help me reach my goal and protect these animals! this is toshi, not a farm animal. my seemingly blue dog.

while i’m at it i thought i’d share some pictures from the trip we took to best friends sanctuary. the sanctuary provides, protects, and socializes unadoptable or abused animals including (but not limited to): dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, pigs, and guinea pigs. while we were there we saw michael vick’s pit bulls, got to stay in a cottage on the property, and had a sleepover with a puppy who needed socializing.

the sanctuary is right outside of zion national park. it was gigantic, to say the least.

the ride out to the sanctuary from the park was amusing at the very least. we also saw a cop car parked with a dummy in the front seat to slow drivers down. very different from the city. oy.

pigs 🙂

i’d like to be like jack.

in my element. fluffy meowingtons.

bryce canyon is right outside the sanctuary as well.



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  1. love it! what great memories.

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