late drinks

tuesday back from a long weekend is always a struggle – so i am late today. hope you all had a good holiday. i got to relax and explore in northern california – post to follow. a few recent addictions..

tea that i was introduced to this weekend thanks to some incredible hosts: hot hot water, sliced ginger, a squeeze of honey, a few fresh mint leaves, and a large bowl to sip on. sweet, fresh, and hearty – perfect for the winter.

ginger is known to be great for digestion as well as a treatment to motion and morning sicknesses. it is an anti-inflammtory, making it perfect for colds and flus. mint has similar properties in its effects on an upset stomach and a cold.

when i was sick i took a epsom salt, baking soda, and ginger detox bath. the ginger leaches the toxins out of your skin by expanding your pores and allowing a clear path. after about 15 minutes of my bath my face started dripping with sweat and i could feel my heart beat in my toes! it was insane. i felt incredible after and the baking soda made my skin baby soft!

detox bath (make sure you have at least 40 minutes)

1-2 cups epsom salt

1-2 cups baking soda

1/3 cup ginger – ground or fresh and sliced into thin pieces

1. pour ingredients into the bottom of a bath and fill with hot water.

2. make sure to mix ingredients.

3. bath as submerged as possible for at least 40 minutes.

4. drink plenty of water, make sure you have a glass next to the tub, exit slowly.

5. wrap yourself in blankets and allow your body to continue sweating for the next hour or so.

my mom juices like it’s her job. she swears by wheatgrass and it’s. it is a powerful detoxifier as it stimulates metabolism and stabilizes your bloods acidity, decreasing your risk of catching a bug or kicking it.

the frozen wheatgrass allows you to just melt a few cubes in warm water and enjoy. super easy, no juicer or jamba needed.

had to add this. toshi got a haircut today. he looks like a poodle. he is sad, embarrassed, and giving me the silent treatment.



  1. Oh poor Toshi!! He does look like a poodle.

  2. Not that there’s anything wrong with looking like a poodle! Haha! Poor Toshi does look a bit put out with you!

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