fort bragg

hey gurl, heey. this past weekend we were blessed with a trip up to fort bragg. the few days were filled with good company, great hospitality, and fresh food. i had never been to fort bragg so when a friend offered a trip to stay with her family up north and a ride with her mom, i couldn’t turn it down – they’re also kind of cool. we spent the entire day on saturday driving and stopping to explore.

our driver had dumb-ass-bars and knew all the places to stop.

mr. pickles in petaluma had these insane sandwiches. the place looked like a hole in the wall but the sandwiches reminded me of bianca’s in moraga (ahem.. morucci’s is much better). i had a turkey pesto sandwich with melted provolone, jalapeño, pepperoncini, onions, olives, and lettuce.

healdsburg. bear republic was our first brewery stop, we each got a flight of ipa to taste. that cafe 15 is the hippity hop.

the drive.

boonville. this next stop was a total highlight. after driving through windy tunnels of redwoods we arrived at anderson valley. the beer was great, i think hop ‘ottin was an overall favorite. the best part was that the air-conditioned indoors and open back patios allowed dogs. off leash. toshi had the time of his life running around greeting everyone at the bar. the crowd looked like they were all from the amazing race.

after our drive we had arrived “home” for the weekend. i could have moved there. they had this huge garden planted in lifted fish crates. EVERYTHING: strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes, rainbow chard, spring onions, broccoli, red leaf lettuce, green lettuce, parsley, artichoke and herbs. this is just from what i remember, i am sure there was more.

did you know that coriander is the same as cilantro? i am still haunted by this.

they have a sea urchin factory so the ground was covered in white and purple shells. whimsical.

after exploring the garden we went on a walk to the beach. toshi was actin’ real brand new.

afterwards we watched the sunset from their porch. i have so many pictures but i just can’t help myself. it was so pretty.

the fresh salmon brought home from the factory for dinner. huge filets. so delicious.

the next day we went to mendocino. darren didn’t want to take a picture with me so i tricked him.

fort bragg. north coast brewery. 20 tastings. enough said? just thinking about their olde stock ale makes me salty as hell. tasted like beer-whiskey. their fried shrimp po-boy was prettay prettay good though. after the tasting we walked to our host’s toy store down the street, spunky skunk. full of toys, games, and accessories. we hung out (played) there for a few hours listening to music, trying on disco ball glasses, singing into light-blinking microphones, testing mood rings (for some reason i was just.. comfortable), hula-hooping, and eating candy. shopping was involved, of course. dangerously fun.

the fresh bacon-wrapped tuna for our second night’s dinner. we ate so well. i wish i had fresh fish every night.. or more, i wish i had the money for fresh fish every night. between our trips and my new computer i’m going to need a second job. need help with a new blog? 🙂

darren keepin’ it hunid playing quelf on the floor. quelf… quelf. it was on top of it this weekend. we also played bananagrams. #bestgameever

the next morning we got to see how sea urchin is made! sort of.. we did see a lot of sea urchin. and we got to try it. super cool. i’ve never seen so  much urchin in my life.

fort bragg steak house. pumpkin waffles with whipped cream. BOOM. end.

thanks for bearing with me and looking through all my pictures. we did and saw a lot and i really wanted to share it! thank you to our friends and hosts – an amazing weekend!


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