10 things for the 10th

it’s national tv dinner and hot dog day! perfect for a post that asks you to sit down in front of the tv and online shop 🙂 no need to spend your time on food today!

here are my 10 things this month that i just really want, for no good reason.

chronicle books is publishing a book based on this little nugget’s blog. can’t wait to put maddie the coonhound on my coffee table next spring.

earrings just like this. i think these are similar. only, i’m pretty sure kim k. has a pair that read: kw for her one and only love and stylist, kanye. major turn-off.

click & grow.this is so cool. genius really. just unwrap, fill the tank with water, and it waters itself. i couldn’t want one more.

this is just ridiculously inappropriate. i would probably not use the salt or pepper if i were dining at a friends and this was sitting on the table. still, it calls to me..

these cool ceramic lamps from finnsdottir design, a design firm from denmark. where can i put these? a restaurant? a kitchen nook?

i’m such a sucker for dainty-chained necklaces with funky charms. these are super special. a friend of mine just introduced me  to erica weiner – her stuff is like a party of eclectic, but girly, pieces.

all three of these cookbooks are being released soon and i can’t wait for it!

charles phan, chef of the slanted door, gave me one of my favorite recipes EVER – caramelized black pepper chicken. there is no chance his cookbook will let me down.

billy law, a great food blogger and a finalist of master chef australia, has got some killer reviews and recipes online. his food photography tells stories. check out his blog, a table for two.

andrew weil supports good food and well-being. he’s published multiple books on healthy living. ‘true food’ comes with 125 new recipes from the doctor. very excite.

love this. laonato’s stuff isn’t very expensive either. check these out too, supafly.

watch. aquamarine.

that ring looks sick on her hand. shark bait ooh-ha-ha.



  1. Maddie on Things just cracks me up… and now a book on the way. What a celebrity that pup is!

    That scissor necklace is amazing. Unexpected and fun!

    1. i agree – how does this dog do it?! what a stud.

  2. Awesome dog. Love love the watch. The initial earrings are so cute

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