i’ve been craving some chocolate and baked goods this week. i’ve also been feeling particularly lazy. ya….

you know when your boss gives you 5-10 projects to handle on your own? which is doable until in the middle of it all he/she starts micromanaging you, telling you to change the way you’re doing it, then realizes the priorities in which he put the projects is off so you should start on another project in the middle of figuring out the first.. one of those days. i was over-caffeinated (but had to be), my head was spinning, and i was frustrated as all hell. i knew it was bad when the 3rd to last call i got from him started with, “am i interrupting your dinner?”

needless to say, i was in desperate need for some fatty-asian-biscuit-cuisine. figured it was the perfect chance to go for a ten minute drive and grab a few of what i have heard to be the best bao in town (subject to change dependent on a future trip to fancy wheatfield bakery in portola. a contender, i have heard).

lung funk bakery; 1823 celement street, sf. where the party was nice, the party was jumpin…heeey.

she knew why we were there – BAO. check out that oven full of them! and the prices.

the cafe was full of healthy, non-smoking, men playing chinese checkers.

first bun – cocktail bao. sweet, smooth custard in the middle made of bread, sugar, and coconut. my favorite.

chive bun. tasted like a salty, chive-y version of a croissant.

and topped off with a pork bun. i think this is their most popular, judging by the pricing ($1). we finished them before we got home… sad? i think so.

go try out a sketchy looking place in your neighborhood. might be a gem. might also bring you back to a little reality after a hard couple hours of work, even if you do feel like you’re running around like a chicken with your head cut off.

which reminds me… these look good.



  1. LOVE the black and white pic. Really nice.

  2. Louise Coulter · · Reply

    Doesn’t sound too healthy but looks yummy – not weight watchers. Grandma

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