lightning vodka

can’t hate a new bar. unless it’s terrible. i recently went to a bar where the bartenders were trashed therefore the drinks were strong as hell. this was not a terrible bar. the only down side was the boys increased drink prices? not sure what happened there – cool with me though. maybe sf is striving to be vegas.

this was that bar… ear muffs. check out that bathroom! more decorated than the bar area. granted the bar did come fully equipped with glasses full of dum-dums – that was cool #butterscotchalltheway. and joan rivers wasn’t being treated very nicely. but she doesn’t treat people very nicely either. karma.

lightning bar. a new bar opened by our friends at bullitt, mayhem, and tonic (and opening an even better bar in the most awesome, gold star bar’s, old space. to be called soda popinkski). cow hollow’s lightning has got some delectable bar bites including fried ricotta ravioli, tater-nachos aka totchos, soft pretzels, and spinach artichoke dip. their drinks and inside decor take the cake. the bar (lacking in an outside sign) is bright with large windows in the front and a mad scientist-esk bar. they’ve also got a ‘lightning round’ – a 10 minute happy hour in which all drinks are $5. not going to say when, you should just go.

they’ve also got 60 ounce pitchers under their ‘community service’ section of the menu with $35 pitchers of top shelf long islands, $32 redbull vodka pitchers, $32 jack n’ coke pitchers, and $29 john dalys. you won’t leave thirsty.

trying the tavern’s funky drinks with fresh blackberries, mint, agave, and ginger beer spiked my interest. it can’t be that hard to flavor your own vodka, could it? it couldn’t.

just pick your herbs and ingredients and don’t forget to rinse.

the first i really wanted to try: dill and honey. i went to tj’s and found some stoli for under $20 – score. with a fifth of vodka and 5 5-ounce mason jars i made myself 5 different homemade flavors.

add the ingredients, shake, store in a cool/shaded spot for 24-48 hours, drain through a colander, and pop in the freezer for a good time.

from left to right: plum/basil/lemon, dill/peppercorn/garlic, vanilla bean/date, ginger/lemon, dill/honey. not sure which is my favorite, i think the dill/peppercorn/garlic is my favorite alone. mixing any of them with ginger beer makes a great little drink. now you won’t leave my house thirsty either.


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  1. obsessed. why are you so awesome?

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