eat real

last weekend was the eat real fest in jack london square, oakland. for one weekend, the festival takes over the square or boardwalk, if you will. the streets are lined with tents, trucks, and pop-ups. a foodie’s dream, my heaven. crafts for kids, gourmet/sustainable/local food, and tiny snack sized bites all under $5 so that you can try EVERYTHING. the theme was meatopia, which wasn’t so enticing to me, but there was a great amount of vegan food as well – so good! it isn’t impossible to eat out regularly and remain vegan (formerly, my stance on being vegan).

taco style baos from the chairman. if you ever see this bright red truck and the line isn’t 50 people long, get in it. check out scheduling here. we got to the festival early and saw only 10 people in this line and i basically broke into a full on sprint. it is very good. half of the time i see them on the street they have set up a roped line. yeah, like disneyland.

clockwise from bottom left corner: crispy garlic tofu with miso greens x 2, red sesame chicken with scallion and bak choy, pulled pork with savory cabbage and preserved mustard seed. the tofu has always been my favorite, even when i was a carni. warm, sweet bun with crispy tofu and a creamy inside and sweet greens.

paella! i didn’t eat this but the picture captures the festival’s theme/atmosphere so well that i had to include it.

porcini grilled cheese. creamy, salty perfectness from forage sf’s booth. forage sf is the underground market i’ve talked about before that brings together sf’s pop-ups and up and coming chefs.

they had an insane beer selection and allowed for tastings. the beer i’m holding is highwater brewery’s campfire stout. this beer is brewed with graham crackers and a chocolate malt to mock a s’more.

on the back side of the festival was an indoor warehouse, home to premade foods and LOTS of testers. i tried things from maple flavored tempeh, coconut/almond trail mix, this kimchi, pickles, jerky, fruit flavored chocolate, and cheese.

after the festival i went for a walk, took a nap, and woke up to a sweet, crafty craving. i sliced up some peaches, figs, carrots, and orange beets, and roasted them under a low broiler.

peach: blue cheese, rosemary, and freshly ground peppercorn

fig: honey and blue cheese

sliced carrots and beets: olive oil, sea salt, rosemary

have a good weekend fools!


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