giggiddy goober

instagram love coming at you. this weekend was a whirlwind of catching up with good friends, music and noise, niners love, and heat heat heat.

on friday night we indulged ourselves in a kale salad with homemade croutons (cut into bite size pieces, drizzle in olive oil, broil until toasted), dried cranberries, pecans, and apples. dressed with a mixture of: olive oil, minced shallot, lots of parmesan, salt, and pepper.

woke up on saturday to brunch at a cafe only half a block away. after a year and a half of living here darren and i still hadn’t visited jane. an (almost) hipster bar right smack dab in the center of fillmore. i guess you know if you are in a REAL espresso bar because they serve sparkling water with the espresso. am i alone in not knowing this? it’s purpose is to cleanse your palate so that you can better taste the beans.

either i’m a sucker or it totally works.

the cafe serves stumptown coffee which seriously threatens oaklands’s blue bottle. they also make their own granola (packed with flax) and serve it with yogurt, fruit, and honey. darren got an egg sandwich and cinnamon bun. men just really live the dream, don’t they?

song: the knocks – the feeling

i spent the afternoon messing with a program which recently fell into my lap thanks to a special friend. i’m no pro but it sure is fun to have the capability to create stuff like this.

saturday night we enjoyed the likes of thomas gold. and then we spent sunday watching football and tracking our fantasy teams as if we had the potential to win millions of dollars.

do you have a name for that feeling that you get on sunday night when you realize the weekend is over and the week is about to begin? especially when you’ve had WAY too much fun the past two nights and are feeling pretty tired/sad/bad/cranky? my friends and i call it the sunday scaries and THIS is my cure. wildboyz and/or jackass. it’s so bad that it turns the night right around. how can you not laugh at this? they are literally dancing past gorillas in banana suits. priceless. i wish i were this stupid.

a few more things i thought i would share from my day today:

  • bad news first. arsenic levels found in rice. quinoa it is! or millet, wheat berries..etc. arsenic is known to cause ‘certain types of cancer and deficits in neurological development.’ rinse it. or better, take a break from it.
  • good news for homemade foods and small business chefs! governor brown just signed a homemade foods act allowing california’s chefs to sell their foods without having to lease certified commercial kitchens. this will help chefs with a little less dough, get their food out there (pun intended). check it out. forage sf just got a little more interesting.
  • side bar: mumford & sons new cd pampers my ears.
  • and what does this even mean? my mind is melting.

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