edamame my dumpling

this blog is a great creative outlet for me. i absolutely love photography and indulge myself in delicacies far too often. you know that deli meat commercial where the husband asks if he can quit his job to start a blog? is that totally crazy? i’m feeling like that’s the dream, right? everyday i work on my camera and cooking skills, like a kid learning the piano.  even after a day of work i look forward to coming home and practicing my skills. i guess that really isn’t what a kid going to piano lessons is… i hated piano. and then once  i learned a song i played it to death, or until my brother beat me to death. i’m still glad i can play under the sea and cruella deville.

bottom line: this is a practice that i love. as do many people. i think it’s something like 5% of all blogs become profitable aka turn to a job. i am allowing myself to dream. so, each link that i have for cookbooks or in my 10 things post, is connected to a ‘delightfulcrab’ account. what does that mean? i get commission if any of my totally rad, amazingly cool, funky fresh, really really pretty friends decide to click on a link on my blog and purchase an item. prices are the same as they would be without my link, i just get credit. i wasn’t going to say anything and instead simply adjust the links but then a friend (in marketing) asked me: why not? and explained the perks of allowing my readers to support me. full disclosure is best, ya?

as we move forward i can see that my styles are going to change. bear with me as i adjust and learn more about my 50mm lens and what digital photography can do. pointers/tips, yays/nays are more than welcome and encouraged! i would love to hear from you 🙂

if you are a blogger and are looking for info on the sites and programs that i’ve began to use, please feel free to contact me at delightfulcrabb@gmail.com (someone stole delightfulcrab with one b right out from under me. rude.)

onward to the food!

i FINALLY received the sprouted kitchen’s new cookbook last week. not because the shipping took long but because i was trying to save up for it. it is absolutely incredible. i’ve made a few recipes so far from it but these edamame dumplings were the best so far. the book’s eclectic mix of ingredients and different take on easy, homemade meals make me jealous. their blog is one of my favorites but the book really is impossibly genius and terribly delicious. i just may cook my way through it, page by page.

lemongrass photo cred to: tal-bot #guru

dumpling filling: edamame, green onion, basil, toasted sesame oil, sour cream (i used greek yogurt), sriracha.

my dumplings before creation.

soft pockets of joy before being cooked in boiling broth.

lemongrass, mirin, soy sauce, vegetable broth. i’ve given some serious clues as to how to make these babies but i’m not going to post the recipe today. are you mad? sorry..

my little dumpling, the hardest little black fur-ball to photograph. we’re getting closer though. that face is like christmas.



  1. your photos look spectacular. can I come over for a 50mm tutorial?! I can’t wait to click click click on your links as soon as I have cash money money. keep on bloggin!

  2. When is the recipe going up?! I’m ready to try them 🙂

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