pumpkin bombings

coming at ya one more time!

did you ever live in the suburbs? where teenagers take to the dark streets and tear $h*t up like it’s their hobby? my friends and i used to do really stupid things (shhh..). but, i hated it when i saw gloriously carved pumpkins smashed all over the roads. people put time and thought into their creations! not to mention, most of those people were kids just trying to celebrate the holiday. i can only imagine their faces in the morning when they walk outside and see their once bulbous pumpkin smashed into pulpy pumpkin jam littered with a touch of tire tread.

this year, my second year living in san francisco, i realized there are very few decorated houses around the streets. there’s so much going on in the city it’s hard to take a breath and really embrace halloween.

i decided to give back in my own way.


video provided by the uber talented ms. talbot who was generous enough to turn our adventure to the pumpkin capital of the WORLD (pescadero) into this little piece of art. thanks, bud.

#champs #blackandorange #giants



  1. Ahhh, love it! Could you send one my way in the suburbs!

  2. Channing · · Reply

    You guys are the cutest ever!! Keep spreading the Holiday Cheer!!!


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