rich table huevos

let’s talk rich table.

on this month’s restaurant excursion i discovered a place that has made a super spoiled foodie out of me. i really don’t know where the high point has been during these past months visiting different restaurants. what i do know is that rich table will forever be up there in the top few. the creativity is in the air, in the waiters, in the atmosphere, in the food.

for starters, when we asked what was on the chef’s tasting menu, the waiter told us that it was an ‘inspired’ menu. the chef cooks what he wants as the night goes on. he also chooses drink pairings as he goes on. sold. we had about 8 small courses, all if which were shared – family style. here were some of my favorites:

oysters on the half shell with a squash blossom relish. these were probably the best oysters i have ever had. i’m not a huge oyster fan and these were seriously delicate and freshly flavored – i could have had them all.

the next course were called sardine chips. house-made chips with sardines tucked in like a piece of paper before being fried. served with house-made horseradish.

winter squash fritters served with arugula salsa verde. explode with sweet squash and topped with that tangy, bitter salsa. hungry…

so there was a lot of drinking involved. i believe this was a cauliflower soup with an egg yolk and topped with croutons made of their house wild fennel levain. the soup was light with the perfect amount of fried and thick, warm yolk. wish i could recreate this. it really inspires me to make a soup with an egg drop.

side note: if you ever have the chance to drink a sparkling sake, definitely do it. you won’t be disappointed.

all this talk about eggs brings me to my next point… eggs.

my go to late night/early morning meal and take on huevos rancheros – makes 1 serving

1 corn tortilla

1/3 cup black beans

2 tablespoons canola oil

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon cayenne

1/4 cup mexican shredded cheese

1 egg

greek yogurt

homemade guacamole (i use 1 avocado and add my favorite spicy salsa => mash)

chives, chopped

1. heat oil in pan until HOT on medium-high heat. pan fry corn tortilla on both sides until crispy.

2. meanwhile, heat beans with salt and cayenne in another pot.

3. reduce pan heat to medium. pour beans over fried tortilla in the pan. top with cheese. break the egg over the cheese and cover the pan for 1-2 minutes.

4. transfer to a plate, top with chives. yogurt and guacamole on the side.

5. enjoy. easy peasy ma neazy.



  1. yum, yum. we had all that???

  2. Wow! That place looks fantastic. I need to try a sardine chip!

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