i am thankful to for so many things.. thankful that i have the life that i do. thankful for the family of friends i have around me. thankful for how close we live to our families. thankful that i have a “we” to be thankful for. thankful that my friends humor my experimental cooking and party planning and help me celebrate holidays like thanksgiving to the max.

i am especially thankful for this new creative outlet that i get to have so much fun with (my blag), and the success it’s had thus far. over this past weekend we celebrated friendsgiving in my one bedroom apartment with twenty friends.

the potluck theme was: untraditional thanksgiving. a pretty cool friend brought a metallic dry erase marker to mark our wine glasses 🙂

we had kale and leek bread puddings instead of stuffing, goat cheese and grape salsa crostini, bbq turkey sliders,…

sweet potato gnocchi with a sage alfredo sauce, cheesy beans with oregano pesto, truffle mac and cheese, brussel chips, vegan beet cupcakes, a blazing fire, a photobooth, dancing video games, and much more.

leaves marked our places.

we each wrote one thing we were thankful for and put it in the center of the table to be read as we ate (anonymously). it was such a warm, happy night. a great big thank you to everyone who came.

a great big thank you to the photographer of the night (and many more), lindsay talbot. as always, what a stud she is.

the end. have a very nice thanksgiving.



  1. best friendsgiving a friend could ask for!! so thankful for this blog and the wonderful creator herself! xo

    1. thanks tati :0) you’re pretty wonderful yourself. those crostini… no words. i think i ate the majority! making them for my family tomorrow!

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