a friday post.

a little late, but coming at ya BIG! so glad you’re here.. i need someone to proof read this for me.

not sure how an entire week (+1 day) went by just now. thanksgiving was so sweet this year. traditionally we spend the holiday with 10-15 members of our extended family but, this year we couldn’t get it together and did it just the 4 of us: mom, younger sister (mollie), younger brother (jack), and i. i really can’t remember the last time we spent a day together. we did thanksgiving potluck style, dancing to michael jackson in the kitchen, and dressing up our own meals as if we were named top chef ourselves.

this is how it looked via iphone photo essay:

i started off the morning damn right with a walk in the brisk (aka freezing) morning weather looking entirely ridiculous. my mom woke me up at 8am, i threw on some wool socks over some spandex and just went for it as if i could pull it off.

came home and squashed some produce into juice. mine: kale, apples, ginger, lemon, mint.

mom’s: kale, celery, beet, carrot, ginger, lemon. note the incredible wool socks generously provided by darren’s mama.

our fantasy team faught ceaselessly! it was a photo kind of day..

i whipped up my very own batch of grape salsa crostini. recipe link is on my previous post. spicy, sweet, fresh goodness. it’s also not the ugliest thing i’ve ever made..

jack was in charge of the scalloped potatoes. after realizing we were missing a few ingredients, he left this to go to the store..

he returned with a turkey leg. a very necessary addition to our otherwise vegetarian thanksgiving (something he was not happy about).

jack majored in soil science at calpoly (got a lot about jack here… anyone interested? single and ready to mingle!*) and opened a wine of his OWN which was a year old. it was really, quite good.

*don’t kill me.

alas, dinner is served! drama free, accident free, and as always, with a side of marshmellowy yams.

sidenote: my mom made this bad boy. beet, fennel, and fig salad with cranberry-sage dressing. it was the $h*t.

i welcome the holiday season with open arms! ganam stayle.


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