i have to apologize for the inconsistent, random, unfinished posts that you’ve seen today and yesterday. i think i have it under control now. so irresponsible of me..

on christmas morning this year (last year) my brother asked me if i remembered my favorite/best christmas. i did. it was one when my entire family was together. i was 13. and santa brought me a chemistry set that made gummy candy! i spent the entire day with my kit creating worms and spiders to eat for dinner.


this christmas i received a bad@$$ juicer. it’s weirdly similar to my candy chemistry kit. but oh, so right for my plight to veganism. juicing is a way of life, something that i’ve learned completely from my mom. fasts are great, but juicing on the reg is something that i aspire to do. here are a few reasons why:

juice requires hardly any digestion. when you juice, you’re drinking an abundance of vitamins and minerals (more than you would ever be able to eat in a day) while giving your digestive system a chance to catch up and excrete the toxins in your intestines. the average person holds 5-10 pounds of toxic old matter in their small intestines. this nutritional intake can help us lose weight, achieve radiantly healthy skin – detox our bodies.

vegetables are alkalizing and the ability to neutralize acids in your body is very important. benefits include: “improved focus and mental clarity,…cardiovascular function, anti-aging,…bone and joint function,…natural body weight,…energy!”


juicing juices

i’ve promised myself to drink (1) 24 ounce juice/day consisting of mainly vegetables. my organs are going to have a party; they may even $hit themselves. every night i commit myself to making a juice for the next day. i start my day/afternoon with this juice and some almonds and try to finish the day with whole grains like: beans, quinoa, millet..etc.


the base usually consists of 1/2-1 entire lemon, 1/2 apple, 1 cucumber, 1″ of ginger, and 1-2 carrots (i don’t like celery otherwise this would be a part of my base). additionally, i have at least 1 entire bunch of greens (sometimes it’s 1/2 kale and 1/2 chard or collard greens), 1/2-1 beet, and whatever else i have lying around that could go bad soon.

i have found anything with a lot of citrus really helps with the “greens” taste – pomegranate, for example, is an incredible sweetener for these hearty juices.

yesterday i threw in a few brussel sprouts, parsnip (super good for your skin), parsley, a couple of slices of fennel (because otherwise i would have thrown them away), and a piece of radish. the possibilities are endless. i’m like a mad scientist everyday wreaking havoc on those nasty toxins in my body – and i feel freaking fantastic.

skin reviving, detoxifying sunday “scare away my scaries” juice

1 cucumber

1 lemon

1 apple

1 inch ginger

2 handfuls of pomegranate seeds

mint to taste

thanks for reading my long post!! most of you probably didn’t even get to this point. FOCUS you need some veggies.


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