day trip san francisco style

rarely do darren and i have a chance to just spend a weekend away, exploring the outer-world (outside of sf). a few weekends ago we had the opportunity and it was completely fantastic – who doesn’t love a trip that you can take with your dog? follow my lead..


directions for our trip can be found here.

last time we attempted to drive up the 1 we ended up adopting a little puppy (and turned back).  it’s been a year now and we’re finally succeeding! i can’t believe its only been a year..

a. cross the golden gate bridge to highway 1

b. stop in point reyes for a little snack/coffee/dog tinkle

c. grab a drink and lunch at nick’s cove in tamales bay on the pier – check out the lighthouse if you can

d. turn inland towards lagunitas – where dogs are more welcome than children – a sign at the entrance warns that unsupervised children will be given a beer and a puppy to take home

e. head home – the trip home is shorter than the trip there, perfect little getaway

toshi on the pier

it was foggy and rainy resulting in less overall traffic. valet is required, and free.

we ordered food at nick’s cove restaurant (oysters, doy) and they set it up on a ‘room-service’ platter to carry down to the end of the pier. SO hard to carry – props to any waiters/room service vets reading this.

the shack at the end includes panoramas of tamales bay, picnic tables, a fireplace, and an old piano.

lawn chairs are set up out front for nicer days. there were a few girls who looked like they had a really rough previous night and lay outside, in the rain (cooling off?).

from the pier

the view from the inside of the warm, little shack.

nick's cove cod sandwich

my lunch: fried cod sandwich with jalapeno aioli and purple kale on toasted ciabatta

nick's cove crab cakes

crab cakes with roasted tomato aioli – oysters

road to lagunitas

east-ward bound! to petaluma we leapt.

toshi at lagunitas

beer + bf + dog + peanut + rain falling on a clear tent overhead = 🙂


we drove home after our large lunch with our bellies warm and full. the day was not over yet!

bourbon and branch

that night we had made reservations at bourbon and branch’s bar wilson & wilson. the bar is a quiet, dimly lit speakeasy. to go, you need to make an appointment and acquire a password to give to the doorman. our seats were at the bar and the bartender clearly had a passion for his job. he went through the (enormous) whiskey  selection with us, showed us (and let us smell) their highest shelf whiskeys and explained the history behind them. who knew whiskey had such roots in united state’s history!


instead of a 3-course meal, the bar provided a 3-course drink menu complete with an appetizer, main course, and dessert (aka potent) drinks. naturally, we chose to partake in this 3-course menu.

the first drink was light, fruity, and floral.

for the second, i had the crimson chord. it my favorite of the night: reposado tequila, strawberry-infused cocchi, lemon, chocolate stout syrup, sea salt, pepper tincture. sounds crazy but it was the bartenders favorite too, have a little trust ok? jeez.

the third was simple: orange bitters with a squeezed orange peel over a classic bourbon.

crust-filled cheesy pizza

how do i say this accurately? we were…. hungry, by the end of our meal of drinks. before heading to the bar i had left a pizza dough to rise at home. it was calling to us. we ran home, wrapped up some string cheese in its crust and made ourselves some homemade, misshapen pizzas.

1300 fillmore gospel brunch

this post is really, very long. i want to share everything!

darren and i had plans with my dad and brother to have brunch the next day. a gospel brunch at 1300 fillmore. these people had the greatest voices – why aren’t they all on american idol? that’s what i want to know. we watched a dad and daughter kill it with gospel hits and stevie wonder. i soo recommend this place.

what you’re looking at:

1. darren (i’m so sorry, but check out the guy singing in the background)

2. cinnamon brioche french toast

3. spicy cajun ham and eggs benedict

4. my catfish po’boy sandwich is gone – but those are the dipping sauces and chips

5. house-made bloody

pad thai soup

we finished the weekend with this beaute (ironic, ya? these are the worst pictures.. sorry). i made this pad thai soup using ingredients that i had in the house. we were in a sunday coma and couldn’t leave the house – or spend any more money on food.

sunday pad thai soup

3 tablespoons oil

2 garlic cloves, minced

4 cups vegetable broth

4 ounces rice or thai noodles

3 tablespoons soy sauce

1 tablespoon sriracha

1 tablespoon oyster sauce or fish sauce

1/4 cup peanuts, roasted and chopped OR 1/8 cup of peanut butter

1/4 cup green onions, chopped

fresh eggs

crushed red pepper to taste

1. heat the oil in a dutch oven and sautee the garlic and stir for a few minutes.

2. add: broth, noodles, sriracha, oyster/fish sauce, peanuts/peanut butter. cook until the noodles are soft – about 5 minutes.

3. while its still boiling/simmering pour into your bowls, crack an egg over it, and cover the bowl for about 5 minutes or until the egg whites are cooked.

4. top with green onions and crushed red pepper.

5. end weekend.

leaving you with this buzzfeed. and this song. obsessed.


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