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day trip san francisco style

rarely do darren and i have a chance to just spend a weekend away, exploring the outer-world (outside of sf). a few weekends ago we had the opportunity and it was completely fantastic – who doesn’t love a trip that you can take with your dog? follow my lead.. directions for our trip can be found here. […]

a friday post.

a little late, but coming at ya BIG! so glad you’re here.. i need someone to proof read this for me. not sure how an entire week (+1 day) went by just now. thanksgiving was so sweet this year. traditionally we spend the holiday with 10-15 members of our extended family but, this year we […]


i am thankful to for so many things.. thankful that i have the life that i do. thankful for the family of friends i have around me. thankful for how close we live to our families. thankful that i have a “we” to be thankful for. thankful that my friends humor my experimental cooking and party […]

bright quinoa in watsonville

i’ve had two serious obsessions the past couple weeks: quinoa and pomegranate. they are the lovers of my october life. it all started with the sprouted kitchen’s recipe for quinoa over roasted acorn squash. quinoa cooked in light coconut milk and mixed with coriander, cumin, pomegranate seeds, pepitas, and feta cheese. run away with my […]

giggiddy goober

instagram love coming at you. this weekend was a whirlwind of catching up with good friends, music and noise, niners love, and heat heat heat. on friday night we indulged ourselves in a kale salad with homemade croutons (cut into bite size pieces, drizzle in olive oil, broil until toasted), dried cranberries, pecans, and apples. […]

eat real

last weekend was the eat real fest in jack london square, oakland. for one weekend, the festival takes over the square or boardwalk, if you will. the streets are lined with tents, trucks, and pop-ups. a foodie’s dream, my heaven. crafts for kids, gourmet/sustainable/local food, and tiny snack sized bites all under $5 so that […]

coconut cabbage salad & a bedroom town’s farmer’s market

going home gives you such a great, grounding feeling. i feel that way every time i have a couple hours to spend relaxed, chatting with my family. i wish we all had more time for it, maybe it’s just me. i find that it’s easy to be taken by the city, emerged in social life, […]