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the best green avocado salad

hey guys! this salad has been like, whoa, for me the past few months. the mixture of vegetables, seeds, and toasted nuts make it feel like a bacon stuffed, guilt inducing meal that just happens to make you feel great afterwards. trust me, it’s worth a try – mostly because you won’t stop stocking the […]

back in the game!

PHEW! yeezus it’s been so long (4 months!) since i last posted here. i was approached with a violent awakening when godaddy called me a few days ago to tell me that my domain had expired. later that day i heard on the radio that someone was selling their domain name for thousands of dollars. […]

day trip san francisco style

rarely do darren and i have a chance to just spend a weekend away, exploring the outer-world (outside of sf). a few weekends ago we had the opportunity and it was completely fantastic – who doesn’t love a trip that you can take with your dog? follow my lead.. directions for our trip can be found here. […]

squashing nopa

went to nopa this past week, literally. dipped into a few gems. we had reservations at nopa (the restaurant) and grabbed a drink at bar crudo before. i’m a little upset that I didn’t know about the happy hour at bar crudo until now. the beer is $4,the wine $3 (they do not pour lightly), and the […]

small things

want to nosh on some small things 🙂 ? this weekend i found a few appetizers that really rocked my boat. i also found a new  place to breath on a late sunday night (probably one of the last to find it). french onion dip. one that rivals lays. bring it lays. held over my pomegranate white-wine […]

rich table huevos

let’s talk rich table. on this month’s restaurant excursion i discovered a place that has made a super spoiled foodie out of me. i really don’t know where the high point has been during these past months visiting different restaurants. what i do know is that rich table will forever be up there in the […]

pumpkin bombings

coming at ya one more time! did you ever live in the suburbs? where teenagers take to the dark streets and tear $h*t up like it’s their hobby? my friends and i used to do really stupid things (shhh..). but, i hated it when i saw gloriously carved pumpkins smashed all over the roads. people […]