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lightning vodka

can’t hate a new bar. unless it’s terrible. i recently went to a bar where the bartenders were trashed therefore the drinks were strong as hell. this was not a terrible bar. the only down side was the boys increased drink prices? not sure what happened there – cool with me though. maybe sf is […]

coconut cabbage salad & a bedroom town’s farmer’s market

going home gives you such a great, grounding feeling. i feel that way every time i have a couple hours to spend relaxed, chatting with my family. i wish we all had more time for it, maybe it’s just me. i find that it’s easy to be taken by the city, emerged in social life, […]


i’ve been craving some chocolate and baked goods this week. i’ve also been feeling particularly lazy. ya…. you know when your boss gives you 5-10 projects to handle on your own? which is doable until in the middle of it all he/she starts micromanaging you, telling you to change the way you’re doing it, then […]

fort bragg

hey gurl, heey. this past weekend we were blessed with a trip up to fort bragg. the few days were filled with good company, great hospitality, and fresh food. i had never been to fort bragg so when a friend offered a trip to stay with her family up north and a ride with her […]

corners tavern and peppers

corners tavern, walnut creek’s new (only?) great restaurant – i guess va de vi is just as bomb. and i can’t leave out tomatina. i may be wrong on this one but this restaurant is 100% san franciscan and sitting in the biggest city of the east bay burbs. it is a collaboration between 5 industry veterans. veterans who developed […]

chili and the gorge

a few years ago i joined in on a tradition. each summer we travel to the east side of big sur, arroyo secco, to hike ‘the gorge.’ we camp out in california’s central valley and spend a day trekking about 6 miles down a small river. the hike includes obnoxiously gorgeous views, swimming, dog paddling, […]

what a job

i’m not just a blogger, not yet a woman (thanks britney). in fact, a have an entirely different life during the day, which keeps me from staying at home in my kitchen and eating scrumptious treats (currently eating homemade kettle corn). i got this gig about a year ago and though it does have downsides (like taking 6+ months […]