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new toys

hi! wowza january has been so busy – to celebrate the last day of this month i present to you.. a post that i have accidentally already posted! enjoy ūüôā and.. sorry. beyond that incredible masticating juicer that i received for christmas, i got a few more things that i just have to share. so […]


i¬†have to apologize for the inconsistent, random, unfinished posts that you’ve seen today and yesterday. i¬†think i have it under control now. so irresponsible of me.. on christmas morning this year (last year) my brother asked me if i¬†remembered my favorite/best christmas. i¬†did. it was one when my entire family was together. i¬†was 13. and […]

touch of modern

stumbled across this today and couldn’t resist sharing it.. touchofmodern¬†– in its beta phase. funky design pieces for your home and cheap as !!!. you only get access if you invite 3 friends so spread the word! beer or shot glass? more glass, more flowers. tilt-tastic, equilibrium shelves. colorful juicers to make my kitchen bright […]

10 things for the 10th

it’s national tv dinner and hot dog day! perfect for a post that asks you to sit down in front of the tv and online shop ūüôā no need to spend your time on food today! here are my 10 things this month that i just really want, for no good reason. chronicle books is […]

10 things for the 10th

it’s the 10th again! i’ll be boogie woogie doogying at outside lands all weekend – will you? if you’re looking for some funk check out dirty dozen brass band. here’s some stuff that i love: papercookie’s woven tea towels¬†my kitchen is lacking in the neon. canoe and oars necklace from small adventure¬†why not? a way-rite […]

10 things for tuesday the 10th

as much as i¬†don’t want to make this blog about things – i¬†figure once a blue moon is okay. i¬†love knick¬†knacks. i¬†was also severely¬†inspired by unique sf, a craft fair event in the city, which has me hiding my credit card from myself and signing up for things like letterpress classes. instead of buying, i¬†will […]

diana f+

for my 25th birthday a friend of mine (seen above) gifted me with a dianaf+. it was one of the greatest gifts i’ve¬†received in a while (with the exception of my coffee maker). the plastic camera creates lomography¬†just like the cult 1960‚Äôs camera. her saturated, bold colors and dreamy (sometimes multiple) exposures are easy to […]