hi friends! pals of the outer world. i’ve spent the past six months exploring the world of food, experimenting with ingredients and products that i’ve never seen and have truly had the best time sharing it with you. this post includes two recipes that derive from the same origin – citrus. when i was little i went to a […]

i did something crazy. i made kombucha. and then i read a bunch of articles, and a friend told me that back during kombucha prohibition home-crafted kombucha started making people sick, and i went through this journey of why (and if i got sick, how would i know? like the natural hypochondriac that i am). […]

rarely do darren and i have a chance to just spend a weekend away, exploring the outer-world (outside of sf). a few weekends ago we had the opportunity and it was completely fantastic – who doesn’t love a trip that you can take with your dog? follow my lead.. directions for our trip can be found here. […]

hi! wowza january has been so busy – to celebrate the last day of this month i present to you.. a post that i have accidentally already posted! enjoy 🙂 and.. sorry. beyond that incredible masticating juicer that i received for christmas, i got a few more things that i just have to share. so […]

i have to apologize for the inconsistent, random, unfinished posts that you’ve seen today and yesterday. i think i have it under control now. so irresponsible of me.. on christmas morning this year (last year) my brother asked me if i remembered my favorite/best christmas. i did. it was one when my entire family was together. i was 13. and […]

health kick to the max! kapow! it’s a new year so, naturally, i’ve made a few resolutions that i refuse to unveil in fear that i will never follow through. i have, however, promised myself to stay healthy (crossing my fingers for a six pack by april) whilst continuing to eat fancy feasts (by this, i mean fun foods full of […]

so. much. produce. whole foods produce couldn’t be any more expensive. i realized this a month ago and quickly retreated to trader joe’s. it was at tj’s that i realized, buying produce from a store just isn’t worth it. it’s traveled far too long to get to you and simply isn’t in as good of shape compared to buying locally and organic. i’m most […]