happy holidays you sweet angels! before i get going, i really want to share a few links that i’m speechless about. obama caught in a tiny spiderman’s web this makes me feel so happy and proud. if e-40 can rock it, so can you. an article that will make your week my advent calendar’s been […]

sunday morning i had a schedule. i know, this is kind of an oxymoron. hear me out: i woke up next to a boy and a dog, stumbled down the hall into my living room, and found two friends and a brother strewn across a large blow up mattress and a couch. the place was a mess! schedule: coffee, eat part of […]

hey! so, it’s the middle of winter. perfect time for a zesty vegan taco, i say! i feel like doing a little salsa jig around my tiny ikea island. isn’t she so pretty? she’s spicy but avocado-creamy and sweet like a pork bun. you know, those tj’s pork buns. i should also mention that the […]

i’ve been doing some experimenting. what the ho ho heck, you know? first: i’ve had a request to make it a bit easier to browse and find the recipes i post (this idea is brilliantly outrageous! how could i not think of this..). this is why, to the right of the ‘about me’ link up […]

my head has been in the clouds these past few days. i wish i was on a plane going somewhere really great. span back to me sitting in a cubicle in san francisco.. womp wooomp. it’s been four years since i was in barcelona eating a chicken shawarma, choosing between a chipotle-style mediterranean assortments of […]

woopsies.. mabad. got caught in the rain and forgot to add text! luckily this is a fancy picture featuring this year’s “it” vegetable: kale! i’ve had a request from a friend to post a few things to make for lunch. she just switched jobs and is in that stage where she’s not sure where to go […]

there was a storm this weekend. a big one. i saw a tree on top of a range rover on sunday morning. so many comments here.. the weekend called for all things christmas: fires, trees, lights, music, staying indoors, and (drumroll please) crafts! pinterest is like my best friend and my worst enemy. it attacks me with […]