huevos tostada


chai spice pear-apple sauce

strawberry jam

kiwi jam

avocado mash

mango salsa

easy soy sauce asparagus

sourdough friendship bread

miso eggplant

sweet and spicy shishito peppers

kale chips OR spicy-cheesy kale chips

baked garbanzos

parmesan rosemary cauliflower
parmesan asparagus


bbq baked beans

summer squash two ways

roasted rosemary carrots and beets

blue cheese, honey, rosemary peaches and figs

sweet roasted pumpkin seeds

plum ricotta crostini

french onion dip

mini apple calzones


kale and avocado salad

indian quinoa salad

spicy pinto beans

peanut-sesame salad

tahini-watercress wrap

sesame tofu detox wrap

indian-vegan cabbage wrap

coconut cabbage salad

sesame-noodle salad

cold wheat-berry pesto salad

apple garbanzo crouton kale salad

spicy gazpacho

papaya and quinoa salad with mexican dressing

beet-fig salad with cranberry-kale dressing

sweet pomegranate-miso bean salad


caramelized black pepper chicken

curry latska soup

vegan pinto bean enchiladas

big dinner salad

blueberry tomato grilled cheese

warm goat cheese, citrus, and avocado salad

lentil, kale, and turkey meatball soup

grilled kale salad with plums and ricotta

plum, basil, goat cheese, and prosciutto pizza

asparagus egg-drop pizza

sweet potato quesadilla with green pesto salsa

banh mi sandwich


world’s best lasagne, turkey style

sweet potato mash with soyrizo hash

chipotle turkey chili

green lentil soup with browned butter curry

roasted tomato soup with cheesy crostini

quinoa burgers

spicy-bright quinoa over squash

butternut squash and bean burritos

spinach-kale chickpea soup
spicy curried lentil soup

vegetarian shawarma

miso sweet-potato tacos with coconut-cilantro salsa

market roast salad with miso-tahini dressing

strawberry feta salad with honey mustard dressing

creamy strawberry summer salad


red velvet cupcake

coffee cake muffin

honey chamomile cupcake

candybar cupcake

plum crisp

buttermilk skillet cake with pecan-praline topping

vanilla bean cookies

strawberry granita with yogurt sorbet

cranberry crumb bars

cornflake caramel cookies


golden detox

green tea goji

plum basil fizz

almond milk

diy flavored vodka


candy cocktails



diana f+

home brewing

diy mugs

sick bath

advent calendar

diy ornaments


smuggler’s cove

gracias madre
omnivore books


central kitchen

corner’s tavern

lightening tavern

rich table



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