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salmon with yogurt-dill sauce

a few weeks ago i was really craving some fresh fish. do you ever have random cravings like this? i went to the store to buy a little filet and the butcher looked at me and told me that it was a day to treat myself (in retrospect, this was most likely a ploy to […]

new toys

hi! wowza january has been so busy – to celebrate the last day of this month i present to you.. a post that i have accidentally already posted! enjoy 🙂 and.. sorry. beyond that incredible masticating juicer that i received for christmas, i got a few more things that i just have to share. so […]

lightning vodka

can’t hate a new bar. unless it’s terrible. i recently went to a bar where the bartenders were trashed therefore the drinks were strong as hell. this was not a terrible bar. the only down side was the boys increased drink prices? not sure what happened there – cool with me though. maybe sf is […]