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salmon with yogurt-dill sauce

a few weeks ago i was really craving some fresh fish. do you ever have random cravings like this? i went to the store to buy a little filet and the butcher looked at me and told me that it was a day to treat myself (in retrospect, this was most likely a ploy to […]

coconut cabbage salad & a bedroom town’s farmer’s market

going home gives you such a great, grounding feeling. i feel that way every time i have a couple hours to spend relaxed, chatting with my family. i wish we all had more time for it, maybe it’s just me. i find that it’s easy to be taken by the city, emerged in social life, […]

avocado mash

i am always looking for new snacks (i love snacking), this is a great replacement for the spicy hummus in my fridge. the ingredients combined create a creamy, salty, spicy, sweet, fresh taste. if you’ve never had a warm avocado mash, the time has come – it’s a party in your mouth. it’s also kind of pretty… just […]