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salmon with yogurt-dill sauce

a few weeks ago i was really craving some fresh fish. do you ever have random cravings like this? i went to the store to buy a little filet and the butcher looked at me and told me that it was a day to treat myself (in retrospect, this was most likely a ploy to […]

fort bragg

hey gurl, heey. this past weekend we were blessed with a trip up to fort bragg. the few days were filled with good company, great hospitality, and fresh food. i had never been to fort bragg so when a friend offered a trip to stay with her family up north and a ride with her […]

central kitchen

i visited central kitchen last week and it was divine. i left a little hungry though, which isn’t the best when you opt into the chef’s tasting menu with the beverage pairings. the experience was creative and exciting as each course was unlike any i’d had – this is when i really know i like a restaurant, when they put together ingredients […]